Hi there,

I'm a bit of a neat-freak when it comes to my cards and the tuck cases. Some folks have very specific rituals when it comes to how they handle the seal on their box, but for me, it's something to be removed entirely and saved in a different location.

I didn't have this obsession before I started collecting T11 decks. I first got the Union and Citizens deck. Both came off beautifully and without residue (the Citizens seal pretty much just fell off, not sure what was up there). Received two more decks today, Contraband and NPH. NPH one came off with a bit of residue, so I used the seal to "stick up" what remained. Was doing the same for the Contraband box when the seal actually managed to rip some of the artwork off of the box!

My question to folks more inclined with cards: what is the best way to remove a seal so that there is a minimal amount of residue to begin with, followed by how does one remove the rest of it without damaging the box? It certainly isn't acetone, as was suggested in another thread. GooGone sounds too risky. Using the seal itself is like playing Russian roulette each peel.

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